Nodelist Tools

Some nodelist utilities (just one) for Fidonet systems. I wrote this one to do some checks during development of Makenl NG.

Release terms.

This is free software released under the terms of the General Public License, and is distributed as sourcecode only. New versions of the Nodelist Tools will be released from the following sources:

New releases will be announced in the international FidoNet echoes LINUX_BBS and MBSE.


The installation is just like most other source tarball packages. Unpack the archive is some temporary directory and cd into that directory. Then type:

$ ./configure
$ make

and as root type:

# make install

That’s it.


v0.0.1          01-Apr-2007

        Initial release.


There is no official release available. Get from the Mercurial repository and install this tarball using the following procedure:

mbse@hobo:~$ unzip
mbse@hobo:~$ cd ndl-tools-master
mbse@hobo:~/ndl-tool-masters$ make clean
mbse@hobo:~/ndl-tools-master$ ./configure
mbse@hobo:~/ndl-tools-master$ make
mbse@hobo:~/ndl-tools$ su
root@hobo:/opt/mbse/ndl-tools-master# make install
root@hobo:/opt/mbse/ndl-tools-master# exit



Currently there is only one program, ndl-check. This program checks a nodediff or nodelist file for the right type and basic formatting. If the file is a nodelist, the crc is checked and the contents of he first 7 fields in the data lines.