My Telecine Project

Early 2010 when I needed to empty my parents house I found all super-8 movies made by my parents and a VHS tape with some of them transferred on. The VHS tape was not too good, so I was looking for some method to transfer all these movies to the computer and at least be able to store the movies on a more modern medium.

I found that I was not the only one to do this, if you look around you find several projects of people that already did this. Most of them used a modified projector and made them into telecine machines.

But to transfer the films to the PC is not the whole process. After the transfer you can clean the dirt of the movies (yes, software can do that), stabilize the picture, bring back the color etc. If everything goes well the resulting movie will be a good quality movie that you can enjoy on your modern TV screen.

I divided the project into the next three parts: