Doorlib introduction.

This is doorlib, a library to write native Unix bbs doors. The library supports the standard 52 lines door.sys dropfile that is produced by most bbs programs just before they start the door as an external program. Because Unix programs don’t need fossil drivers like in DOS or OS/2, the library interface is quit simple. The door application just needs to read and write to the stdin and stdout devices and for special functions make calls to this library. How to use this library is explained in the documentation.

The library is written in C and will be installed as a shared library on your system. Doors can be written in any language that is able to make use of shared libraries.

The Safe Cracker Door makes use of this library.

If you have written a door that uses this library and you want that door on this list, send a message to Michiel Broek at 2:280/2802 in FidoNet.