Doorlib – ChangeLog

This is the current ChangeLog of the door library:

v0.9.0          21-Feb-2003.

        Initial release.

v0.9.1          23-Feb-2003.

        Moved everything to /usr/local by default.

v0.9.2          31-Aug-2003.

        The door_waitenter function now needs the message to display as a
        parameter so that you can use your own language for this prompt.
        Updated the API in the README.

v0.9.3          21-Dec-2003

        Changed configure script to allow compile for debugging.
        Updated source header parts.
        Updated Makefiles to allow install in $DESTDIR for
        package building.
        Fixed a memory leaks in parse.c and doorsys.c

v0.9.4          03-Sep-2005

        Secured sprintf functions to snprintf to better protect against buffer

v0.9.5          25-Jun-2006

        Changed some timing functions so that it compiles on 64 bit
        systems with gcc > 4.0.

v0.9.6          12-Jun-2009

        Changed configure script to do the right thing on a multilib system.