Linux Home Server


This part is not being updated anymore, but it stays here as a reference for anyone that cares or wants to setup a home server. Currently in my situation a lot of this stuff has moved to a router. Other parts of the load are hosted elsewhere, hosting has become very cheap. In other words, these articles are outdated and obsolete, but if you are interested read on.


In this set of articles I will describe a setup of a Slackware Linux based home server. The goals for this server are:

  1. Internet IPv4 and IPv6 access and firewall for all client computers and gadgets.
  2. Central storage for documents, photo’s etc. on a RAID array.
  3. Domain hosting with email.
  4. Public Web server.
  5. VPN remote access.
  6. Data backup.

These articles will show how you can build your own home server using Linux open source software. It may not be the best method for your personal needs, you may have enough using a commercial product, or you may need more then this. The used concept is something that is grown over the years and may change with new developments. I have tried to break the whole setup in pieces so that it is easy to use just the parts that you might be interested in. Because Slackware Linux is used (it used to be Arch Linux) and the fact that I’m not a big fan of using a GUI to configure a system, almost everything is installed and configured from the command line. If this is not what you like, you still might find useful information in these articles because these GUI tools are in fact editing the configuration files.