Home Server – dropping tcp_wrappers support

Soon in Arch Linux tcp_wrappers support will be dropped. It wasn’t used much these days, it is always the best to try to limit access to network services using the internal configuration and protect the network traffic itself with iptables. The following Home Server articles are updated:

  • Home Server MySQL Database server
  • Home Server PXE Server
  • Home Server NFS4 Shares

For the time being, put ALL: ALL in /etc/hosts.allow.

1 thought on “Home Server – dropping tcp_wrappers support”

  1. Maybe I’m just to old school but I’d rather keep that extra layer of security which tcp wrappers provides. But, if one is diligent with the other tools (e.g. iptables, selinux, rkhunter, etc), it shouldn’t be a problem.

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