VNC article and other things

Today I added an article about using VNC as remote graphical console to the headless home server. Original I used Thinstation booting from the PXE server, but that was a complicated and slow way to get the console. VNC is much easier and there are clients available for Linux, Windows and more.

In the meantime the server locked up a few times in the last days for no known reason. The first time was during the transition to the Wintertime, so initially I blamed that event, even while I never had troubles with any Linux box during time changes. After that there were 2 more system lockups. I made a change to the /etc/issue file that prevents that the console blanks, I hope next time there is something to see. Fingers crossed.

Update 11-Dec-2011: the problems are gone, it seemed that the kernel that was in use during end of October and the beginning of November caused the sudden system deaths.