New monitoring articles.

I have been using OSSEC for a few months already, but the article about this had to wait such a long time because of the tuning and adjusting I did in all these months. But now it’s ready to show how to install it on the home server project.

Another article that was on the waiting list is about system monitoring in general, and some choices that can be made. In fact this article is nothing more then a few notes about programs I have been using and still are using to monitor servers.

Since a week we have warm weather (for this time of the year) which inspired the author of a related site to write a terrace thermometer (in dutch, but google translate can fix that).

2 thoughts on “New monitoring articles.”

  1. Another interesting server monitor worth mentioning is phpSysInfo It reports;
    Operating System Information (Version, Uptime, …), CPU, Memory and Disk usage, Networks information, SMART, Fans, Temperatures, UPS monitoring (plugin) and more.

    It’s a well worth monitoring system if you only like to interrogate the physical status from a server.

    1. I know phpSysinfo, but it’s more a status display program, it doesn’t do unattended monitoring. It’s a useful addition next to the ones I wrote about. There are really (too) many options to choose from, and that is one of the good things in the open source world.

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