Progress dropping Arch

In the last weeks I prepared the move of the virtual routers from Arch Linux to Slackware 14.0. Now two routers and two web servers are running Slackware again. The largest work will be the host that runs the virtual machines. A lot of packages need to be prepared to minimize the downtime. Luckily I used to have two root partitions so that the system can run dual boot with two distro’s. This allows me to reboot Arch if it takes too long or if extra packages need to be build. This can happen as the host server has all the network drives with the packages and sources.

First, a test run on the virtual home server, at this time it is installing a minimal Slackware. This virtual server isn’t dual boot, so Arch Linux is already erased. The old /var and /etc directories are stored in a safe place so I can copy the configuration.