Only One Server to go..

That’s right, just one server that I maintain is still running Arch Linux. This server is in another part of town, so I need to go there to migrate that one to Slackware. The virtual Linux on that server is already migrated because that can be done via the Internet. Such a thing is just a matter of preparing a new virtual root disk on a local system and install it on the remote server. A reconfigure of the disks and reboot and such virtual server is up and running again in a few minutes. This is just one of the advantages of using virtual servers.

At first I didn’t want to put the complete Slackware packages from my repository on line, but this week I decided to make these packages available for download. Lets see how it goes with the limited bandwidth here.

Half of the articles about the home server are adjusted to Slackware, slowly the rest will follow.