Safe Door – ChangeLog

v0.0.0          22-Feb-2003

        Initial release

v0.9.0          23-Feb-2003

        Finished configure scripts, everything now defaults to /usr/local.
        Added checks for door library using pkg-config.
        The configuration and screen displays are now also auto installed.
        The logfile and datafile are now mode 0666, the directories
        /usr/local/var/log and /usr/local/var/safe are mode 0777.

v0.9.1          07-Aug-2003

        The configuration file now has all the language prompts. A german
        language by Malte Tychsen is included.

v0.9.2          03-Sep-2003

        Upgraded to support doorlib v0.9.2. You need to install the new
        /usr/local/etc/safe/safe-config file by hand if you upgraded from an
        older version.

v0.9.3          21-Dec-2003

        Updated configure script to allow compile for debugging.
        Added ${DESTDIR} to Makefiles for package building.

v0.9.4          09-Aug-2004

        Fixed safe-tool that failed to start on language prompt 25.

v0.9.5          03-Sep-2005

        Added better protection against buffer overflows.

v0.9.6          23-Dec-2005

        Fixed conflicting sourcetrees.