Safe Door – Installation

To compile and install this program you need to have doorlib installed on your system.

The installation is just like most other source tarball packages. Unpack the archive is some temporary directory and cd into that directory. Then type:

$ ./configure
$ make

and as root type:

# make install

Now all files are in place. The configuration file is installed in /usr/local/etc/safe if you used the prefix /usr/local during configure. Edit what is needed. For multiple languages, make a copy of this file for each language. Use the right config file for the right language from your bbs setup.

This is an example how to install the door in MBSE BBS. Start mbsetup menu 8.3 and open the menu where you want to install
the safe cracker door in. Edit a menu item:


 1.  Sel. key  S
 2.  Type nr.  7         Run external program in shell
 3.  Opt. data /usr/local/bin/safe-door /usr/local/etc/safe/safe-config
 4.  Display
 5.  Security  0     --------------------------------
 6.  Min. age  0                         11. No door.sys No
 7.  Password  <null>                    12. Y2K style   Yes
 8.  Lo-colors Normal display color      13. Use Comport No
 9.  Hi-colors Bright display color      14. Run nosuid  Yes
 10. Autoexec  No                        15. No Prompt   Yes

That’s it.